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When you start feeling a burning experience in your chest that aggravates you and in some cases triggers excellent discomfort, you want to examine it to see if you have actually become a victim of gastroesophageal illness (GERD) or just experiencing an easy bout of heartburn.

Nearly everybody encounters heartburn. Perhaps it was that spicy meal they consumed too late during the night or the fact that they’re carrying twins and are in the late phases of pregnancy. But for some, the burn never alleviates and what was initially believed to be heartburn is developed into an illness that can damage your life – emotionally and physically, triggering sleep deprivation and misery every day.

Sometimes a non-prescription medication can remedy the problem, however, if it continues, you may require stronger options to battle your GERD symptoms. One of the greatest determiners of finding out if you have heartburn or GERD is the frequency of your symptoms.

If it’s persistent, then it’s more major than a periodic case of indigestion. GERD victims typically have heartburn more than twice a week, and the burning feeling lasts longer than somebody not suffering from GERD.

Many who have the issue discover it hard to swallow throughout the moments they’re feeling the burn in their chest. GERD is also more difficult to cure with regular medications. A simple antacid might not work for you when you need relief right away. While most heartburn happens at night, it can occur at any time of the day. However those who have GERD see it flaring during the night when they’re trying to get to sleep or remain asleep.

If you have heartburn, you may want to track your signs for frequency and intensity. What set off the signs? You will want to observe these factors and be prepared to talk about them before you go to a doctor for your heartburn or GERD problems. If you discover that your whole way of life is being modified due to the fact that you fear the onset of heartburn, then it might be an indication that you will be identified with GERD and not simply a periodic case of heartburn.

You don’t have to let heartburn disrupt your satisfaction in life. GERD can be treated with medications available today. Do not let heartburn rule your life. Take control of your signs and options by discovering a treatment that works best for you.

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