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About Our Occupational Medicine Services

Our goal is to provide employers of all types with services based on communication, quality and mutually beneficial partnerships. This service addresses the particular health threats or hazards associated with the workplace and evaluate and treat employees as needed.

We have a large established base of companies in the Chicagoland area. Our affordable programs can be sized to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Who is at the Occupational Medicine Clinic?

Providers, physician’s assistants as well as nurses and nurse practitioners form the staff. Because there is also the need for blood work and testing for drug or alcohol consumption, there are also lab technicians.

Signs and Symptoms
There are many different work environments across many types of industries. The signs and symptoms of health problems related to work are numerous and complex. Furthermore, much of the needed work will depend on the nature of the injuries sustained by the employee.

When to Seek Occupational Medicine Treatment

If you have suffered from injuries or health conditions due to your place of employment, you may be referred to an occupational medicine professional who will evaluate and treat your conditions. Furthermore, you may find that the occupational medicine specialist addresses other issues such as:

–Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC)
–Job Demands Analysis, Post-Offer Screens and Ergonomic Assessments
–Influenza/Vaccination Programs
–Physician Consulting Services
–DOT Exams
–Fitness-for-Duty, Return-to-Work and Work-Capacity Exams
–Drug and Alcohol Testing
–Workers’ Compensation Case Management
–Preplacement and Annual Exams
–Medical Director Guidance
–Worksite Visits
–Travel Medicine for Business Traveler
–Spirometry/Pulmonary Function Tests